Friday, January 24, 2014

Interview with Ten Year Old Hmmmschooler

One should never assume that two children raised in the same family are the same kind of animal. At all. After posting my interview with my youngest, Nine Year Old Hmmmschooler, I felt I had to also post the interview with my oldest, Ten Year Old Hmmmschooler.

Question: What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?
Him: The freedom.

Question: If someone asked you what homeschooling is or what you do all day, what would you tell them?
Him: I'd tell them that we don't have "sit down" school all day, but that we do learn new things anyway. We have no busywork and we have more flexibility than "regular" schoolers.

Question: If someone told you homeschoolers don't have to do as much as public schoolers and therefore aren't as smart, what would you say?
Him: I would ask them a simple physics or programming question and then walk away.

Question: Describe your perfect homeschooling day.
Him: Playing a paper video game with everyone, playing Minecraft, and then finishing a new Scratch project.

Question: Do you think you would ever be interested in going to public school? Why or why not?
Him: I would not be interested. Period. No.

Question: How do you learn best: by seeing, hearing, or doing?
Him: Doing.

Question: What do you think you might want to do as a job when you are an adult?
Him: Video game maker or mechanic.

Question: If you have children, will you homeschool them?
Him: I don't plan on getting married. But for the sake of your question, yes.

One should not assume that two children born 12 months and three weeks apart and both raised by the same parents are the same kind of animal. They might be totally different species in separate zoos on different continents.

After all, one child is a piece of cake. Two children are not two pieces of cake. ;)


  1. Mine are night and day, too. Or at least mid-morning and late afternoon. I've enjoyed reading these interviews!

  2. Love the interviews. Mine are 12 months and two weeks apart---and couldn't be more different. Maybe they do that on purpose??


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