Monday, December 16, 2013

a parent's job, a kid's job

Ever been confused about what a parent's responsibility is? Well, you've no reason to be confused any longer. The Nine and Ten Year Old Hmmmschoolers are here to explain it all.

Nine Year Old Hmmmschooler
"A parent's job is to clean stuff and protect their kids. They need to feed the animals and feed the kids good food and birth the child. They teach the kid stuff like 2 + 2 = 4 and how to start the wood stove. They also clean the kids room when he is sick or when he is gone. Parents should also love their kids." - Ten Year Old Hmmmschooler

"There are many responsibilities a parent has. One is to keep their kids safe. They also should feed the pet bunny and use murder alarms to protect their kids. They could buy food and gifts for the kids, too. They should also play with the child." - Nine Year Old Hmmmschooler

And, just in case you were wondering what a kid's responsibility is, they cleared that up for me, too.

"A kid's job is to clean its room and the horse stalls. The kid should make supper sometimes and use manners, too. The kids should listen to the parents and do what the parent wants. The kid should love its parents, too." - Ten Year Old Hmmmschooler

Ten Year Old Hmmmschooler
"There are not as many responsibilities for a kid. One is to help their parents. Another one is to go to school everyday. They should do their chores and do what their parents say. I guess they should use manners, too." - Nine Year Old Hmmmschooler

Interesting. Verrrrrrrry interesting. :)

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  1. MURDER ALARMS!! HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! There are days I could use those. I like that the 10YO Hmmmschooler thinks kids should make dinner sometime. I'm keeping that one in mind.


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