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word box puzzles

Have you ever done a word box puzzle before?

It's one of those fun things we do at the beginning of our day to get our brains moving. We found these puzzles as part of a fabulous deck 'o fun by World Almanac.

World Almanac has put out a ton of Puzzler Decks on many different subjects, all divided up by age/grade level. They're pretty sweet.

But back to the word box. A word box is a cube (4x4 in our case), numbered 1-4 across the top and side. Each number has a clue to help you figure out what word will fit in that column and row. The trick of a word box is that all four words, running in both columns and rows, will all work out to fit together.

Wanna see?

Take our blank board again.

Now here are your clues.

1. To cause a blockage. (that word fills in both 1 across and 1 down)
2. Molten rock. (2 across and 2 down)
3. The shape of an egg. (getting it now?)
4. A big, fancy party.

If you have all the right words, you should come up with something all neat and wonderful with the letters getting along and fitting together. Like this:

"Oh sure, mom," my oldest said. "It can't be so hard to make your own word box. You just pick some words and come up with clues."

Oh really?

If you really want to challenge your children, instead of giving them the clues, have them build a puzzle of their own. It's not as easy as it looks. (Hint: The placement of vowels in every word is really important to make all the words work together.)

If you're still dealing with someone who thinks it is too easy...increase the size of the box to a 5x5 or even a 6x6 square. It's really tricky to find four longer words that will all work together in a box!

Yah. Take that!

Have you ever done word box puzzles before? Can your hmmmschoolers come up with their own clues and answers for a puzzle? Feel free to post them here in the comments, and remember to tell us the size of the grid you're working with!

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