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no note needed

The diagnosis was pneumonia. Iggy's doctor looked at me and asked Do you need a doctor's note for school?

I guess he forgot we homeschool.

Just one week later, it was Ooky's turn at the doctor. The diagnosis was a double ear infection and bronchitis.


We don't need a doctor's note for school.

In my frustration (and possible sleep deprivation) I had forgotten to count myself lucky as one who doesn't need a note. Who doesn't need to rush the kids better so I can go back to work before my boss gets too upset. Who is frantically looking for someone to sit with my kids because they can't get off the couch and I have a thousand things away from home to do. Who has to deal with a pile of make-up homework when the kids finally are healthy enough to go back.

The pneumonia knocked Iggy down for a good week. We're still working on Ooky's illness(es). But its ok. We have the time.

Do you hear that? Do you understand how big that is? We have the time! We don't have to rush. We just focus on getting better.

Life slows down for the Hmmmschoolers...and the household...when they are sick. We have that option. And I guess I had forgotten, until the doctor asked if we "needed a note", that we are amazingly blessed to be able to answer, "No."

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